There’s A Company That Is Bring Back The Walkman!

This is awesome!

There’s a Start-up in Hong Kong that is trying to bring back the “Walk Man”…Kinda!  They are offering a bluetooth-compatible portable cassette player.

It’s called “Its OK,”  and can connect to wireless headphones or speakers via your bluetooth. And to give it that 80’s feel- it runs on batteries and is being sold on Kickstarter for $75 with a delivery date of December 2019!

 It didn’t take long for people to order these walk mans- and they reached their goal of $10,000 pretty quick!

Cassette tapes have been making a comeback in the last few years with artists releasing their music on the platform and it helps that Netflix has been hitting us in the 80’s feels with shows like “13 Reasons Way” and “Stranger Things” -both shows include the audio cassette culture!

The first walk man was released by Sony on July 1st 1979 making it the first portable audio player allowing users to listen to music with headphones and privately for the first time.

Since then, more than 220 million Walkmans are said to have been sold around the world.