These Are The Things We’ve Done To Cheer Ourselves Up In 2020!

found any new hobbies?

If you’ve gotten through 2020 without melting down, congratulations, you’re a rare breed!


3 in 4 people say all the bad news this year has taken its toll on them.  And 70% of us have tried to do something positive each day, just to stay sane.


Here are the top ten little things we’ve done to cheer ourselves up.

1.  Watching a favourite movie.  Almost half of us have done it to give ourselves a boost.

2.  Snacking.

3.  Going for a walk.

4.  Calling a friend.

5.  Cuddling with a pet.

6.  Taking a nap.

7.  Asking for a hug.

8.  Baking things, like cookies.

9.  Singing in the shower.

10.  Dancing it out.