Three Minutes Is The Best We Can Do Before We Stop Listening To A Conversation We’re Getting Bored With

How long will you pretend to be interested in a conversation that you find PAINFULLY boring?

According to a new survey, we’ll check out within three minutes when we’re bored, and we’ll start randomly nodding our heads and saying “Hmm” to make the other person think we’re listening.   The survey found that under 25s are most likely to switch off the fastest…

The study also found where we’re mostly likely to switch off, they include: family gatherings, work meetings and watching the TV…

So what topics are the most likely to make us tune out?  

The top 10 are:  Golf, celebrity gossip, veganism, football, fashion trends, beauty trends, the stock market, online dating, cars, and hair styles.

And a few that just missed the top 10 are:  Someone else’s wedding, mortgages, someone else’s vacation, someone else’s pets, traffic, climate change, and someone else’s hopes and dreams.

The best way to show someone that you are interested and listening is to interact and asked questions about the story.