Tim Horton’s Celebrates 60 Years By Bringing Back A Retro Donut!

Bring back the nostalgia!

Next year marks 60 years since the iconic Canadian coffee chain opened its doors at its first location in Hamilton, Ontario, and to mark the huge milestone, Tim Hortons is celebrating in a truly Canadian way.

The coffee chain announced it would bring back four retro donuts including the Dutchie! The square-shaped pastry with raisins was a long-time staple at Tim’s before being discontinued in 2014.

Tims has yet to reveal which three other retro treats are making a comeback alongside the Dutchie, but, back in June, the coffee chain teased the return of several other pastries, including the Blueberry Fritter, Chocolate Eclair, and the Cinnamon Twist.

The Dutchie and the other three mystery donuts will be back on menus across Canada starting January 10.

Tim Horton’s will continue its celebration with special edition cups and packaging and its famous Roll Up the Rim contest is also said to be included in the anniversary promotion.