Deadline Looms To Get On Candidate’s List For Fall Municipal Elections

2pm Today

This Friday at 2:00 is the absolute last opportunity you’ll have to get your paperwork in if you want to take a shot at knocking Jeff Lehman out of the mayor’s chair.

The municipal election nomination deadline is fast approaching, and as of Monday morning, no one else has thrown their hat into the mayoral ring.

City of Barrie Clerk Wendy Cooke says if you want to be a contender, you want to be a somebody this election, you have to get some signatures. “To apply to be a member of council candidate, you must file nomination papers, and that nomination package includes signatures from twenty-five qualified electors in the City of Barrie.” Cooke says a qualified elector is anyone able to vote within the City of Barrie.

No matter which office you’re running for, be it Mayor, Councillor, or School Board Trustee, all paperwork must be at City Hall no later than 2:00 this Friday. That paperwork must include not only the aforementioned signatures (unless you’re running for Trustee), along with a Ministry of Municipal Affairs nomination sheet, a Declaration of Qualification form, and Freedom of Information Release Form. Cooke adds there’s a fee: “for a councillor or school board trustee candidate, it’s $100, and for a mayoral candidate, it’s $200.”

All the appropriate forms can be found here.

Jeff Lehman is thus far unchallenged, as Sergio Morales in Ward 9 and Mike McCann in Ward 10.