Top 10 Simple Things That Adults Are Embarrassed They Can’t Do

I can't whistle! I'm fine with it!

There’s no manual for how to master the most basic life skills.  And that’s too bad, because it turns out a lot of us could really use one.


There’s a discussion on Reddit where people are sharing the very simple things that other adults seem to be fine at doing, but they’re embarrassed they can’t do.  And here are 10 of the best answers:


1.  Swallowing pills.


2.  Remembering directions.


3.  Tying a balloon.


4.  Confrontation.


5.  Dancing.


6.  Remembering people’s names the second after they introduce themselves.


7.  Whistling, especially with the two-finger method.


8.  Shuffling a deck of cards.


9.  Tying a tie.


10.  Winking.