VIDEO: Dad Spent 3 Days Building Rube Goldberg Machine For Gender Reveal

Contraption Made Out Of Household Items, Baby Toys & Duct Tape

Actor and comedian Taylor Calmus of the ‘Dude Dad Vlog’, spent three days with his friends building a Rube Goldberg Machine out of household items, baby toys and duct tape through three floors of his house, to reveal the gender of his second baby.

For Taylor and his wife, Heidi, they wanted this gender reveal to be big, since for their first child they had planned to find out the gender when the baby was born, but a doctor accidentally let it slip two weeks before the due date that they were having a boy.

After the whole contraption was finally set up, Taylor said he and his friends tested it about 50 times to make sure that it would work properly, and then just let it go and hoped for this best when they filmed this video.

You can even see Taylor’s parents watching it all unfold live from South Dakota on Skype on the laptop in the video, which has now been viewed more than 8 million times since it was posted to social media on March 16th.

The baby is due in August.

(Video & Image Courtesy of Dude Dad Vlog by Taylor Calmus/YouTube)