WATCH: A Moment Of Pure Pride And Joy!

BOOM. LAWYERED. Well almost.

In times like these, it’s always important to keep an eye on some happy stories!

Check out this story from Twitter that went VIRAL just yesterday.

Melinda Oliver was waiting for her response from DePaul University’s School Of Law.

After patiently checking and checking and checking, she GOT amazing news!

She had been accepted AND given a 40 THOUSAND DOLLAR scholarship!

She decided to share the joy with her mom, which is HILARIOUS.

Check out the video and try not to smile. It’s tough!

If you need to see a little black joy, please watch my moms reaction when I told her I got into law school with a $40,000 annual scholarship 🤩

— Mel (@ladyfromdalou) June 10, 2020