WATCH: Kate Middleton Dance With Paddington Bear

This Definitely Makes Monday More Bearable...

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, Prince William and Prince Harry made an appearance at a charity event today at the Paddington train Station in London, England.

The event was for kids who benefit from charities that the royals sponsor. They had a special ride on board a vintage train, a visit from a real-life princess and two princes, and Paddington Bear himself was there, along with the cast and crew of the ‘Paddington 2’ movie that’s coming out in November.

That’s when Kate met Paddington on the platform, and he whisked her away for a quick dance, before kissing her hand.

Kate Middleton is of course pregnant with baby number 3 and unfortunately still suffering from severe morning sickness, but obviously today she was feeling much better.

(Image Courtesy of Pool New/Reuters)