What We Can Expect From The World In The Next 50 Years!

Self-cleaning homes! Sign me up!

A new report out about the future of technology suggests that underwater highways, hover board-based sports, self-cleaning homes and vacations to space will be reality in 50 years!

The report also predicts that mass-scale production of 3D-printed organs, and implants to monitor our health will also be widely available.

Also, transportation will include underwater tubes between major cities where high-speed pods transport travellers between some countries in less than an hour.

Flying taxis and buses will also be used in urban areas, while more long-distance travel will involve reusable rockets flying in the upper atmosphere and at high-speeds.

Other Top predictions for our future by tech include:

Insect-burgers, as insects are set to become a major protein source for humans.

Interactive movies, physically taking part in what we watch via VR!

Space hotels 

Underground condos…