Which Celebrities Leave the Biggest Carbon Foot Print?

Swedish researches analyzed 10 celebrities who may have significant impacts on our planet by traveling the globe in their private jets!

Researchers just looked at their impact from 2017 and found that Emma Watson flew about 14 times nearly 68,000 km- flying commercial and spending around 71 hours in the air…

Her carbon footprint from flying was 13.6 tonnes of CO2. That’s three times the global average.  The irony is that Watson is a UN spokesman and has called for action to help stop climate change!

But here’s the thing- she was no where near the top of the list!

Bill Gates has the biggest carbon footprint with more than 1,451 tonnes of CO2 spewed into the atmosphere.  And most of his flights were on his private jet. 

Paris Hilton is number 2 on the list, emitting more than 1,100 tonnes of CO2 in the process.

But don’t worry- she’s doing her part by tweeting, “This is earth. It’s hot. Don’t pollute.”

Rounding out our top five celebrities who really are doing nothing to reduce their carbon footprint… Jennifer Lopez, Oprah and Mark  Zuckerberg.