Whoopi Stops “The View” To Make Sure She’s Not A Coronavirus Risk

We saw her Monday, but not Tuesday on her popular talk show “The View.”

Whoopi is now 64 years old and missed weeks of work last year battling a severe health crisis that almost killed her.

Sunny explained the situation to viewers yesterday saying; 


“To be extra careful about her health, Whoopi is consulting with her doctor today.” “She wants everyone to know she feels fine and plans on being back here tomorrow.

“We know that Whoopi had pneumonia, and was not in a good place. So, she just wants to get checked out and make sure that it’s smart for her to be here every day.”


Last week, Joy Behar, announced she is taking time off the show to protect herself from COVID-19.  Meanwhile, The View has joined several other U.S. programmes that have stopped filming in front of a live studio audience.