Would You Make Big Life Changes to Live to 100?

Here's What Most People Say

Would you give up things like your free time, all the cool stuff you buy, and donuts to live to 100?  Or would you rather just keep your life going the way it’s going now and live to between 70 and 90?


A study by the University of Phoenix asked people if they’d be willing to make big life changes in order to live to 100.  And 59% of people – which is the majority – said no, I’m good.



Here are the seven life changes they asked people about, and the percentage who said they wouldn’t do it:



1.  Quit smoking – 81% of smokers said they wouldn’t quit to live to 100.


2.  Go back to school to keep your mind active – 77% of people wouldn’t.


3.  Keep in better contact with friends and family – 48% wouldn’t.


4.  Save more money – 45% wouldn’t.


5.  Get more sleep – 45% wouldn’t.


6.  Exercise more – 38% wouldn’t.


7.  Eat healthier – 36% wouldn’t.