You’re Officially “Middle Aged” When You Hit This Age

At what age do you officially become "middle aged"? 

A survey asked 2,000 people, and the average answer was 47.  The survey also asked people to name the top signs you’re middle-aged.  

Here are the top 10:


1.  You start noticing a lot of your co-workers are young enough to be your kids.


2.  You have a harder time tolerating other people’s nonsense.


3.  You notice wrinkles and grey hairs, but not just on your face and head.

4.  You thought you’d never need glasses, but now you do.


5.  You realize you’re older than most of the actors and musicians you like.


6.  Going on a cruise suddenly sounds like a lot of fun.


7.  You’ve started to really enjoy spending money on boring home-improvement projects, like putting in a new fence or new flooring.


8.  You’ve accepted the fact that you’ll never fit into your old clothes again.


9.  You suddenly love going to stores like Home Depot and Lowes.


10.  You’re more passionate about politics than ever before.  (Isn’t that most of us at this point though?)



A few more that made the top 50 are:

  • You can’t tolerate new music
  • You couldn’t possibly handle a mid-week hangover
  • You’re hoping to get household items for Christmas
  • You try to be “cool” in front of your kids’ friends.