Bracelet Allows Bosses to Check In on Moods of Employees

Get a sense if employees are struggling and could use some support.

Moodbeam is a bracelet that lets you “Make sense of your mood at the push of a button. Gain deeper insight into how you feel, and do more of what makes you happy.”

Christina Colmer McHugh, Moodbeam co-founder, came up with the idea for this bracelet as a way to keep in touch with her daughter’s feelings. Her daughter was struggling in school and wanted a way for her daughter to tell her how she was feeling throughout the day.

Moodbeam launched in 2016.

Now, with more employees working remotely, some businesses are using the Moodbeam bracelet to keep abreast of how their employees are doing. Someone wearing the bracelet can press Yellow when they’re feeling happy and the Blue button when they’re not.

Ms Colmer McHugh, told the BBC, “We moved away from anonymous to identifiable data after trials found that people do want to be identified,” she says.

This could be a useful tool for businesses with many employees when they can’t check in every day or even every week with everyone.

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