Downie’s ‘Courage’ Could Help Others

Tragically Hip summer concert tour dates announced

Cancer experts say Gord Downie’s openness and resilience about his brain cancer could help reduce stigma and improve awareness. The Tragically Hip lead singer revealed yesterday that he was diagnosed with the tumour after suffering a seizure last December. At the same time, the band announced they would be touring this summer with dates to be announced today. Doctors say others will see Downie as a survivor, continuing his craft despite its many challenges. Downie’s case is especially receptive to treatment, with the potential for “a significantly higher chance of longer-term survival” say his doctors. However, the tumour is impossible to completely remove by surgery and frequently recurs.

The band’s summer concert tour has been announced. There are 11 dates, beginning in Victoria on July 22 and ending August 20 in Kingston. There are two dates at Air Canada Centre in Toronto – August 10 and 12.