Fix That Hangover!

5 cures for having too much fun on St Patrick's Day

Hey, you had a great St Patrick’s Day… I did too… But if you’re anything like me… You might have ended up showing off your best dance moves a little too early in the day…


Sure, it was a blast… But today your mind and body are both questioning your decision making abilities… Don’t sweat it too much though; because today is your chance to show your body that you’re sorry… I’ll be honest. I’m no scientist, but I have had some experience with the brown bottle flu.  Here’s 5 great cures for the common hangover.

1. Prevention

Prevention is pretty self explanatory… Simply don’t over indulge in the first place… But lets face, prevention is not for everyone… And if you’re reading this now it’s probably too late anyway.

2. Greasy Food

Tried and true, the best part of the greasy food mindset is it usually begins with some kind of street food as a night cap, say a poutine or street meat, before waking for a grand slam breakfast in the morning. Your hangover likely came with that bottomless pit hunger feeling so don’t stop at breakfast. Eat hamburgers for lunch and pizza for dinner. If that hasn’t fixed you refer yourself to number three.


3. Hair of the dog

The thought behind ‘the hair of the dog that bit you’ is throwing hazard to the wind, and as you  indulge again the hangover disappears… Does it work… Sure… But at this point you’re really just putting off the inevitable. If you do go this route I might suggest starting with a Caesar… Caesar Sundays are a thing for a reason.


Lets be honest, it’s a special breed of hangover if you can muster the courage for a good workout… And since science has proven your body metabolizes alcohol at a very particular rate the whole ‘sweat it out’ myth is busted. But there is something to be said about that feel good endorphin your body produces with physical activity. If your going to try this one make sure you remember number five. Your body is dehydrated. Don’t make it worse.

5. Hydration

When suffering from a hangover water is your best friend. To be honest, you should be drinking lots of water throughout your night of drinking, but at minimum finish a bottle of water before bed and make sure you have a tall glass of cool, refreshing H2O waiting for you when you wake… And just because you start to feel better don’t stop hydrating. Keeping those fluids flowing throughout your hangover day is key.


If all else fails crawl back to bed and do your best to forget what you’ve done to yourself. After all the worst part of this hangover is the fact that you did this to yourself. So present self say ‘thank you’ to yesterday’s self, then set a reminder in your phone for future self to remember how you feel at this very moment. Cheers!