Netflix Sends Unauthorized ‘Stranger Things’ Bar Hilarious Cease-And-Desist Letter

"I Don't Want You To Think I'm A Total Wastoid"

Netflix has asked a Chicago bar to close down, in the most adorable way ever.

A “Stranger Things” themed pop-up bar called (fittingly) The Upside Down opened in August for a six-week stint. The bar serves show-themed drinks in a setting that mirrors locations from the show.

Because the pop-up became so popular, the owners wanted to extend their run until the Season 2 premiere on October 27th, but when Netflix got wind of that they put their foot down. You see, the owners didn’t have permission from the streaming giant for the project. In true Netflix fashion, they sent the nicest cease-and-desist letter you’ll ever read.

According to DNAInfo Chicago, the bar owners and manager have no hard feelings towards Netflix for putting an end to their pop-up. The bar will remain open until October 1st.