New AI Bot Rates People’s Faces With New ‘Hot or Not’ Tool

This sounds healthy!

Brooklyn art collective MSCHF unveiled its AI attractiveness rating bot HotChat 3000 on Thursday…

The software allows users to input a photo, whether of themselves or a celebrity and regurgitates a rating from one to 10, matching the user with someone of similar attractiveness.

“HotChat 3000” is built on preexisting stock photos of models and uses that dataset to determine a human’s hotness.

In other words, artificial intelligence has learned our beauty standards.

The new software not only predicts people’s hotness now but can predict future hotness.

Because the software is trained by humans’ preconceived beliefs of what is hot and what is not, it holds implicit bias due to our cultural stereotypes.

The Art collective MSCHF is also the mastermind behind those Big Red Boots and is the creator of the 2 million dollar puzzle, where players have a slim chance at winning big if they can piece together the seemingly impossible jigsaw.

Their advanced AI software comes as Open AI’s ChatGPT tool has skyrocketed in popularity since its debut last fall. Students utilize it for schoolwork, newlyweds for their vows and eligible bachelors for Tinder matches — the possibilities are endless.

Now, the software is available for third-party use, and the latest tech company to jump on board is Snapchat, which introduced its chatbot feature just last week.