New Reminder To Cyclists And Motorists To Share The Road

Grove Street In Barrie gets 'Sharrows'

Some new paint on the pavement along Grove Street in Barrie, between Toronto Street and Penetanguishene Road. They’re called Sharrows – an image of a bicycle with two chevrons. It’s an effort to remind cyclists and motorists to share the road. “We decided to use sharrows because we felt they are a good balance between encouraging active transportation and safety, while also minimizing the impact to the residents of Grove Street,” said Tom Hanrahan, Supervisor of Traffic Services. “Unlike a bike lane, a sharrow needs less space and has no impact to on-street parking.” Grove Street has been identified as a preferred bike route in the city. In addition to the pavement marking symbol, road signs are also being installed to remind all users to “Share the Road”.

photo: City of Barrie