Rick Mercer Report Calling It Quits After 15 Seasons

It's "The Best Job In The World"

After a whopping 15 seasons and 255 episodes, The Rick Mercer Report will be coming to a close in 2018.

For over a decade, Canadians have been tuning in to watch Rick Mercer travel to every corner of country, sharing Canadians stories and performing his famous rants in the streets of Toronto. He’s met every living Prime Minister and met just about ever Canadian icon you can think including Jim Carrey, Drake, Shania Twain, Martin Short and many many more.

Since 2004, Rick Mercer’s has brightened our days with his mixture of politics, social commentary and humour into one bite sized family friendly broadcast. Mercer says he’s incredibly thankful for the support of the last 14 seasons, and says “It’s still the best job in the world.”

“In many ways, I could do it forever,” Mercer told CBC. “But things don’t last forever and the shows that I respect the most, they wrap them up on their own terms and that’s exactly what I’m doing.”

Mercer has also done his fair share of giving back in his years. At the end of every season, Mr. Mercer called “Spread The Net” that has students competing against each other to raise money for malaria-preventing mosquito nets for developing countries around the world.

According to CBC, over the show’s 14-year tenure, the Rick Mercer Report has produced 255 episodes, 243 rants and 480 stories from across Canada, not including those in this upcoming season.

Tune into the final season starting this Thursday September 26th at 6PM until the season finale on April 10th.

Photo courtesy CBC