WATCH: Trailer for ‘The Emoji Movie’

*face palm* Emoji

Well, we knew it was coming, even though I secretly hoped it wouldn’t.

The Emoji Movie released it’s first full-length trailer, and all your favourite emojis make an appearance. Smiley Face, Pizza Emoji, High-Five, and yes, even Poop Emoji.

The premise is that there’s a whole emoji world inside our phones, and in one particular phone the Meh Emoji was born without a filter, and can display any face he wants. But then the phone’s owner thinks the phone is broken because of Meh Emoji, and before their entire world is deleted, they have to make things right.

The Emoji Movie starring T.J. Miller, James Corden and Anna Faris hits theatres this August.

(Image & Video Courtesy of Sony Pictures Releasing UK/YouTube)