What November Should be Like

Warm today, but back to normal next week

The weather is about to take a turn, back to normal for this time of year – not just for a day or two, highs all of next week will be around the zero mark. And while October did not set any temperature records – it was the third warmest on record – the year is still on pace to be the warmest on record. How warm is it? Consider that in the Arctic, where Polar Night has set in and there is no sun during the day, it is not super cold as it should be. The temperature is 20 celsius higher than normal. And scientists are telling us, if we keep living the way we do, the temperature come the year 2100 will be 5 celsius higher than normal. It may not sound like a lot, but it’s enough to cause drought in some areas and flooding in others, a ravaged food supply, and disappearing species.

photo: Funkyah via Flickr