Beat the Heat with Homemade Iced Tea

Great for the first day of summer!

♩♩♩”On the first day of summer, Kool FM gave to me, some great ways to brew some iced tea.” ♩♩♩

One of the best “non-alcoholic” drinks for the summer is iced tea. However, with store-bought iced tea, you might find tons of sugar and flavouring within. For an alternative to the sugar, why not try brewing your own iced tea? Here are three different methods to make your own at home!

Hot Brewed Iced Tea with a Special Pitcher

David’s Tea, $40

Your first option is a specially designed pitcher that can easily make iced tea. David’s Tea sells such a device for forty dollars. The Iced Tea Pitcher Press will help you easily brew some refreshing iced tea in a jiffy. If your green or black tea are a little too bitter for you, you could always add sugar or sweetener yourself.

Hot Brewed Iced Tea without a Special Pitcher

You can also brew iced tea without a special container. You first create a tea concentrate using water and your tea, either bagged or loose leaf (it is loose leaf in this video) and once it’s appropriately steeped, you pour the filtered concentrate into water and refrigerate.

Cold Brew Overnight

Some hot-iced tea brewer complain that the hot brewed tea is too bitter. Kitchen Conundrums has shared an alternative to the hot brew – but it just takes a little more time. Grab a large jug of water, insert your tea bags and let the tea steep in the fridge overnight. Serve over ice, for a great summertime drink.

Have you tried home-brewed iced tea? Did it work out?

CC Image Courtesy of Cheryl VanStane via Flickr