Canada’s First Napping Studio Now Open

What would you pay for a 25 minute snooze?

For $10, workers in downtown Toronto can get a 25 minute nap at Nap It Up. The studio, located at Yonge and Eglinton, was founded by Mehzabeen Rahman who told CTV News that she got the idea while working at a bank and seeing coworkers sleeping in the break room.

This is the first napping studio in Canada and your $10 gets you a bed in the dimly-lit communal room where beds are separated by heavy curtains;  lavender-scented humidifiers aid in your nap and when you wake up, there is water, mints and mirror for your use. You can also pay more for extras like a blanket ($3.50), eye mask ($1.50) and anti-snoring nose vents ($5). White noise machines are also available.

Would you pay for a nap during the day?

To me, it sounds lovely. The only thing that would make it more perfect is if you could first get a 30 minute massage first and then just fall (or stay!) asleep.

Most Canadians do not get enough sleep and the lack of sleep has been linked to serious health consequences like high blood pressure, weight issues, stress and compromised mental health.

A recent study found that napping one or two times a week may cut the risk of a heart attack or stroke by 48 per cent.

Maybe we’ll be seeing more of these nap studios in the future. Maybe workplaces should offer in-house napping rooms as a perk for staff, saving them the short trip and $10 fee!


Images: Nap It Up