Cats, the London West End Performance, Free This Weekend

This is the last in The Shows Must Go On series

The Shows Must Go On! This YouTube series from Andrew Lloyd Webber ends this weekend with the “good version” of CATS. From 2pm ET for 48 hours, you can watch the London West End performance of CATS, filmed in 1998. Just go to The Shows Must Go On YouTube channel.

Live Commentary from The Creator

The movie rights had been sold years before 1998 and they didn’t think the movie would ever be made, so they filmed this live West End version.

Andrew Lloyd Webber is vey fond of this production and will also be doing a live commentary at 2pm ET. Check out this video below where he shares some items he’s never shared before.

This Friday, #TheShowsMustGoOn is showing the 1998 film of the stage production of Cats! As there’s an awful lot I’d…

Posted by Andrew Lloyd Webber on Wednesday, May 13, 2020


I have never seen CATS, not even the new movie which was critically panned. So,  I can’t wait to watch this!

One of my favourite jokes about CATS comes from The UnBreakable Kimmy Schmidt when Titus wants to be a braodway actor so badly he sneaks onto the stage during a performance of CATS. Here’s the aftermath. It always makes me laugh.