Chick-fil-A Is Coming To Ontario

Opening Their First Store North Of The Border

Time to loosen your belt buckles, America’s #1 fast-food chicken restaurant Chick-Fil-A is coming to Toronto.

The popular restaurant announced today they would be headed north, opening up their first franchise location outside of its home country, in Toronto.


When the company isn’t busy being marred by controversy in the wake of homophobic comments, they happen to cook some pretty damn great fried chicken sandwiches –so we hear.

In a statement, CEO Tim Tassopoulos commented on the company’s decision to bring their chain to Ontario’s capital. “Toronto is a great city – with diverse and caring people and a vibrant restaurant culture with a deep talent pool,” he said.

“These strengths align perfectly with Chick-fil-A’s focus on community giving, delivering a premium product, and working with passionate people that can grow with our company – making Toronto the perfect choice for international expansion.”


Chick-Fil-A plans on opening 15 franchised stores in the GTA over the next five years, a move they say will create somewhere between 50-75 jobs per location. The first Toronto location is expected to open sometime in 2019.