DIY: Kid Friendly Fairy Garden

Bring The Magic To Your Own Backyard!

Stir up your kid’s imagination with a magical Fairy Garden! These whimsical projects are the perfect way to get your kids outside and in the garden this Spring. Whether you want to keep your garden rustic and woodsy, or maybe even do a beach or farm scene. Or skip the fairy all together and make yours a Gnome Garden. The possibilities are endless!!

To get you started, every miniature garden has 3 basic components:

A Base. Something to contain the fairy garden. Or it could be just in a corner of an already established spot in your garden.

Bases Ideas:

Bird Bath
Tree Trunks
Planting Pots
Wheel Barrow
Glass Vase
Flower Bed

Pinterest has TONS of images to get the ideas flowing.

Plants. Basically anything small and slow growing will work. Look for different colours and textures to add interest.

(Image Courtesy of

Plants to Use:

Dwarf Mondo Grass
Corsican Mint
Sugar Vine
Zebra Haworthia
Gray Lavender Cotton
Golden Japanese Stonecrop
Golden Monterey Cypress

Here are more miniature garden plants from HGTV.

(Emily Fazio, 2016/

Accessories. This is where you can let your mind run wild! A Fairy hammock out of twigs, rope and a small piece of fabric.

Or a planter for the Fairy’s front door, made out of the bottom of an acorn shell.

(Emily Fazio, 2016/

You could even make a Gazing Ball by gluing a marble on top of a golf tee.


Ladders, fences, even your own Fairy House door, all things you can add to your garden to make your scene more magical, AND you can use things you already have around the house or yard.

The DIY Network has even more ideas for accessories you can make yourself.


(Image Courtesy of Pinterest)            

Need even MORE inspiration for your Fairy Garden?! Check out these great ideas from Country Living.