Elbowgate Had Little To No Impact On Trudeau

Study Shows Incident Only Made You Dislike Trudeau If You Already Disliked Trudeau

Looks like”Elbowgate” wasn’t as big a deal as they’d have you believe. Abacus Data was in the midst of a survey measuring the popularity of Prime Minister Trudeau and his ruling Liberals last week, when the elbow went flying. They decided to continue their research a few more days, and compare the results before and after Elbowgate. Their research finds unless you’re a conservative bent on voting against the liberals at every turn, Elbowgate didn’t really change anyone’s perception of politics; 71 per cent of respondents said they weren’t swayed by it. Twenty-six per cent of respondents said the incident made them feel worse about Trudeau, while 6 per cent said they now have a better view of the Prime Minister. There was no significant difference between men and women on reaction to the incident either.