Help Get Rid of This Plant

It can take over even in well-established forests, pushing out native plants.

There’s an invasive species that you can help get rid of and you could also turn it into a culinary treat.

It’s called “garlic mustard”.

This plant is originally from Europe and was brought over as an edible herb. But, it got loose and it has been taking over. It is one of Ontario’s most aggressive “forest invaders.”

Young garlic mustard

Volunteers around Canada are walking through forests pulling out this plant.

If you’re going for a walk and you see this plant, pull it up and get rid of it in the garbage- not your compost! Garlic mustard has a strong garlic smell when it is young and, yes, it is edible, so save some to eat!. Make pesto with it or sauteed greens.

For more, CLICK here to visit the Ontario Invading Species Awareness Program website.