LaCroix Sparkling Water Launches Saturday in Canada

Everyone's favourite not-French sparkling water is crossing the border!

You may be looking for a way to reduce your soda intake. If so, LaCroix, a very popular brand of flavoured sparkling water launches in Toronto at Whole Foods on Saturday! But what is LaCroix?

LaCroix is a naturally flavoured, sparkling water drink that originated in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Launched in 1981, it was positioned as an alternative to Perrier. The drink, which has become very popular in the past few years in the U.S., contains natural flavours but no sweeteners.

Its rise in popularity comes at a time where American consumers are looking for a fizzy alternative to soda. The drink may be popular, but the pronunciation of LaCroix may be controversial in Canada (in the U.S., the brand is pronounced La-CROY).

If you plan on heading to the Canadian launch in Yorkville on the weekend, your flavour research has been condensed down to 12 minutes thanks to Good Mythical Morning.

CC Image courtesy of Tony Webster via Flickr