Turns Out, Paying Your Bill Isn’t Optional

Ajax Man Charged Three Times For Not Paying Up

Some folks never learn. Barrie Police say they had a repeat criminal in their cells after a call from the cab company. Around 5:30 Thursday, police say the suspect took a taxi from Orillia to Barrie, with no means to pay the fare. He was then charged with Transportation Fraud. Another call on Tuesday from a cab company on Monday evening, claiming the same guy took a taxi across Barrie to a massage parlor. They say he wasn’t able to pay the masseuse either, but was only charged with Transportation Fraud yet again. And just before midnight, police got the call to an Essa Rd. convenience store, where they say the very same perp walked out of the store without paying for some juice and chapstick. The 27-year-old Ajax man was taken downtown to be held in custody until his day in court.