WATCH: Casey and Finnegan are Back with a Message

Casey is finally back from school, I guess!

Casey and Finnegan on Mr. Dressup were an essential part of my childhood. Watching old episodes of this beloved TV show as an adult, I realized that puppeteer Judith Lawrence, who retired from Mr. Dressup in 1989, not only did the voice of Casey but all the other puppet voices as well! Aunt Bird? Judith! Alligator Al? Judith… I’m pretty sure!

Well, Judith and the puppets she made are living on Hornby Island, 100 KM north west of Vancouver, in British Columbia. They’ve come out of retirement to pass along a message. Justin McElroy of the CBC posted a video of Casey and Finnegan sitting in a tree asking Canadians to stay home. According to McElroy, Hornby Island did a little social media campaign and someone sent it to him.



If you want to share your childhood with your own children, Mr. Dressup can be seen on Encore+ on Youtube.

My children love watching it! You can find Under the Umbrella Tree on Encore+ as well!