WATCH: Sister of Viola Desmond Gets a Sneak Peak of Her New Bill

"So life like. It is as if she is in this room!"

Today, the Bank of Canada released the brand new $10 bill featuring Viola Desmond who was a civil rights activist in Nova Scotia. She fought for her rights after she was dragged out of a movie theatre in New Glasgow, NS. She had sat in the ‘whites’ section instead of the balcony for blacks.

“Besides being fined, she was charged with defrauding the Government of Nova Scotia of the difference in the tax between a ground floor and a balcony seat, which amounted to one cent. While discussing the incident with the doctor who tended to her, Desmond decided to fight the charges. Clearly, the issue was about her being African Canadian and there being a racist seating policy in place; it was not about tax evasion.” READ MORE 

Before the we got to see the new bill, her sister, Wanda Robson, was given a sneak peak.

Here’s her reaction when she realised what she had just been given:


Bank of Canada/Youtube

And here’s the reveal of the beautiful new bill:

Bank of Canada/Youtube

Watch the video and hear what Wanda Robson has to say about the bill featuring her sister: