5 Signs You Might be A Mombie

Guilty as charged!

Mom’s know the struggle all too well. Sleepless nights and chasing after kids all day takes a toll, which can leave you in a state of constant exhaustion.

Can’t get your kids names right? Locked your keys in the car (…again!)? Here are 5 signs you might be a Mombie.


5. The Moment When You Realize It…


The kids are in bed, the toys have been put away and finally you’ve got some time to catch up on all those shows you’ve been missing… Fast forward to an hour later and that’s when it hits you— you’ve been watching kids TV the entire time! #MOMBIEFAILS


4. The Sound of Silence


It’s 6am on the weekend and your kids are still sleeping. Awesome right? WRONG. Who needs sleep when you could stare at the ceiling thinking of all the horrible things that could have happened during the night. But if you check on them, they’ll hear you and then they’ll be awake for sure! Sometimes, you just can’t win for losing.


3. Honey, I Shrunk Your Dinner


Finally, a nice romantic dinner just for the two of you… The table is set, the candles are lit and… his food is cut into little bite-sized pieces? Accidentally treating your man like one of your toddlers is destined to happen if you’re a Mombie.


2. Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk, Unless…

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On a diet consisting of coffee and wine, things seem to go missing. Found your milk in the cupboard? How about your car keys in the freezer? Don’t worry Mombie, you are not alone!


1. Girls Night Out


You’ve resisted the urge to pass out before 9pm, you’ve put on clothes that don’t have puke stains on them and with a bit of makeup on, you’re actually starting to resemble the person you once were (…before kids took over your life!) That is, until you show up at the club with a diaper bag instead of a purse. You’re not fooling anybody here!