5 Things You Need to Know: April 19, 2016

Today's Top Stories

To Coop or Not to Coop


Barrie City Council has asked city staff to look into the pros and cons of allowing chickens to peck around in backyards within city limits. This arises out of an influx of comments – for and against – on the city’s online suggestion forum. Read more here.


Costco Product Linked to 13 Hep-A Cases


Costco to offer Hepatitis A shots after recall of berry mix linked to 13 illnesses in Canada.


Le Chateau Closing Some (Not All) Locations

Le Chateau 2

Huge drop in sales last year leads to doors closing at Le Chateau. Read more here.



What Really Killed off the Dinosaurs


The writing may have been on the wall for dinosaurs long before the meteor hit. Scientists have found evidence something else was already preventing dinosaurs from evolving new species as fast as the old ones were dying out millions of years before the meteor slammed into earth. Get the full story here.


Everybody Loves Doris


Actor Doris Roberts, who played the sharp-tongued, meddling mom on TVs Everyone Loves Raymond, has died at age 90. Remembered as a wonderful, funny, indelible woman who lit up every room she walked into. Read more here.