5 Things You Need to Know: April 20, 2016

Today's Top Stories

Earth’s Hot Streak Continues


The average global temperature for March was 54.9 degrees Fahrenheit – 2.2 degrees warmer than the 20th century average. It was also the hottest March on record and the eleventh month in a row a new high has been set.


Elderly Man Falls Into Georgian Bay



An elderly man suffered only minor injuries after slipping into Georgian Bay off Collingwood. Passerby came to his rescue. Read more here.


PC Sales Slide

Intel 2

Sign of the Times: Computer chip-maker Intel laying of 12,000 workers; cites slide in PC sales.


Social Drinkers Are Sexy, Study Says

Drinking 1

Moderate drinking might make you more appealing. A University of Houston study found people more attracted to social drinkers than to those who drink heavily. Read more here.


World’s Oldest Dog Passes Away


Her name was Maggie – a Kelpie who may have been the world’s oldest dog. Maggie died last week in her bed at her home in Woolsthorpe, Australia. She was 30.

Image Source: independent.co.uk