5 Things You Need to Know: May 3, 2016

Today's top stories

Suspicious Activity in Stroud


Some suspicious activity in Stroud. A 13 year old girl told South Simcoe Police a man stopped his car on Nelson Street as she was walking to school, and exited by the passenger door. He did not speak to her, did not pursue her, but it did frighten her. Read more here.

The 72 Hour Rule


Emergency Preparedness Week continues. Do you have what you need to survive for 72 hours? Is it all in one place?

Charges Laid in Friday Night Shooting


Charges have been laid in a Friday night shooting in Barrie, but not against any of the three suspects.

Mike Duffy Returns to Senate


Senator Mike Duffy is expected back in the senate today, two years after he was suspended over expense claims. He was recently cleared of the 31 charges against him.

Keeping Strays Away from Wasaga Beach


The Town of Wasaga Beach has become the third community in the Georgian Triangle to offer financial assistance to residents to have their cats spayed or neutered. Read more about that here.