5 Things You need to Know Today: June 22, 2016

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Canada On Risky Rescue Mission To Antarctica


Photo by Bill Henriksen, National Science Foundation – U.S. Antarctic Program, National Science Foundation via Wikipedia

A Canadian plane has landed at the South Pole is a risky mission to rescue a sick worker at a remote research centre. The medical condition of the worker has not been disclosed, but is deemed serious enough to warrant the flight. There have been just two other such missions in the 60-year history of the base. Read more here.


Get On the GO…In Innisfil


(Photo by Anthony Easton via Flickr)

Innisfil residents finally have a destination for the proposed GO Station. Metrolinx recommended the 6th line to GO officials. Read more here.


Horseshoe Resort Getting New Chairlift 


Photo by Trip Advisor

Horseshoe is getting a new, $4 million chairlift. With easier loading, it’s beginner-friendly and “will allow our guests to spend more time doing what they love,” says Jonathan Reid, General Manager of Horseshoe Resort. Read more here.


Canada Post is exploring the use of drones to make deliveries

Canada Post 1 (RK)

With other countries such as Australia seeing success with un-maned aerial vehicles to deliver mail, Canada Post is considering the same. It’s a ‘paper’ exercise at this point to determine if it’s worth testing. Read more here.


Workers Death Under Investigation

South Simcoe Cruiser

South Simcoe Police and the Ministry of Labour are investigating the death of a worker this morning at Toronto Crane in Innisfil. Police say a 35 year old man was dismantling a crane when a piece of metal fell on him.