5 Things You Need to Know Today: May 12, 2016

Today's top stories

1. What Goes Around Comes Around

Pepper-spray backfired during home invasions in Barrie last night. Police have charged two men in their 30s, who were found still feeling the effects of the spray just a short distance away. Read more here.


 2. Recall on Joe Fresh Slippers


Loblaw is voluntarily recalling a Joe Fresh brand pre-walker Footlets. It says fabric at the back of the slippers could come loose and pose a choking hazard.


3. Risk Takers Meet Undertakers


Distracted driving has become the number one cause of collision fatalities in the province, and Police are  determined to eradicate it. Police services from across the province have launched this year’s Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police Drive Safe Initiative.


4. Everything Really Is Bigger in Texas

Yes, they do things BIG in Texas. Despite having a perfectly good stadium in the district with seating for 7,000, they are looking at building a 12,000 seat stadium with an equally monstrous price tag…. The estimated cost? $62.8 million. Read more here.


5. Always Hope for a High School Dropout

Meet Ben Pasternak from Sydney Australia. At just 16-years-old he is running a tech company out of New York City that could be worth MILLIONS. While his parents were disappointed at first, you can’t argue with his success. At just 11 he started making Youtube videos, and had developed Australia’s #1 gaming app by 15. Read more here.