A Man From Oakville Just Got Arrested For Stealing $60,000 Worth Of Avocado

That's An Avoca-don't

An Oakville man has been charged after making a huge Avoca-don’t earlier this month. On October 15th, 27 year old Harjot Singh Dhillon stole a tractor-trailer filled with $60,000 worth of avocados.

The Halton Police have announced that Dhillon has been arrested on October 30th in connection to the crime after investigating the avocado heist for two weeks. While Dhillon has been arrested, the case is not closed. Due to the peculiar nature of the robbery, the police are still looking into the possibility of other suspects that may be involved in the theft.


Allegedly, Dhillon broke into a trucking yard on Industry Street in Oakville before driving the trailer away. The tractor had been taken apart and scattered across the GTA.

Dhillon is now facing two charges: breaking and entering, and possession of break-in instruments.

Photo courtesy of Pixnio