Blithe Spirit


The talented cast at South Simcoe Theatre is about to open the curtain on the first of two productions selected by patrons of the theatre group this coming Thursday at the Old Town Hall in Cookstown.

Noel Coward’s Blithe Spirit is a fun, spirited romp, first performed in the early 1940’s and is about a novelist and his straight-laced second wife.  As the novelist is gathering material for his next book, he invites an eccentric clairvoyant over to their place to conduct a seance.  The ghostly encounter suddenly goes awry when the spirit summoned up turns out to be the novelists first wife!  What could go wrong?

Find out between this Thursday and February 19th.  Performances of Blithe Spirit run Thursday-Saturday at 8pm, Sunday afternoons at 2pm.  For tickets and info, click here.