Farm2Door Coming to Parts of Simcoe County

Bread, soup, vegetables and other local items will be delivered to your door!

In our house, we are trying to stretch out our grocery shopping to once every two weeks. It means that by the end of Week 1, there’s no more lettuce or cucumbers or tomatoes etc. Carrots and Apples are our fresh fruit and veg for Week 2.

Smaller local farms sell their a lot of their produce and other products at farmers markets and it’s uncertain when those markets will be able to run as usual. So, how to get more local produce into our hands more easily?

The people behind Bulbs of Fire in Penetanguishene have teamed up with Belle Roots Farm in Tiny to create a local food delivery service called Farm2Door which will deliver to Midland, Penetanguishene and Tiny and Tay.

Bulbs of Fire said in their Facebook post, “Starting Tuesday April 21, Farm2Door will offer the artisan breads, soups and vegetables that BelleRoots Farm has already made available, expanded with many other local food items like honey, maple syrup, frozen prepared meals and of course all of our gourmet garlic goodness!”

See the full post below.

The website, is up now and you can enter your email address to get more details.

Look for farms in your area offering CSA boxes weekly delivery in your area. If you know of some, leave a comment with the details!


Image: Garden Tomates/ Lisa Morgan