If you got it- spend it!

Britney spent how much on her dogs?

Britney Spears made about $16 million last year and of that, she spent about $11 million of it. On what? Herself and her pets…In new court documents filed as part of her ongoing conservatorship, which was set up in the wake of her 2007 meltdown. Brit when all out for pet care, massages and clothes!

According to paperwork obtained by TMZ.com, Britney’s biggest expenses include $122,613 on regular massages, grooming and nail sessions, as well as a further $24,392 on hair and make-up.

She also spent $69,668 on updating her wardrobe, in addition to $29,852 to have her beloved dogs well taken care of. Brit also has millions in trust for her two boys who turn 11 and 12 this week!