New Seating At Galaxy Theatre In Barrie Will ‘Move’ You

Seats 'move' with action on screen

D-Box Motion Seating has come to the Galaxy Theatre in Barrie. The theatre’s largest auditorium is now offering 30 reserved D-BOX seats which move in concert with the action on the big screen. Movie-goers can customize their experience by controlling the intensity of the movement produced by their seat, using controls in the seat’s armrest. “From blockbuster action movies to family features, D-BOX Motion Seats immerse our guests that much further into the movie-going experience,” said Pat Marshall, Vice President, Communications and Investor Relations, Cineplex Entertainment. The first screenings using the new seats is Friday (May 20). D-BOX seating comes at a premium price: $21.50 for adults, $18.99 for children and seniors.


Image via Ishikawa Ken