PAGE’S 5: Rainy Day Fun With Kids

Easy Fixes To The Rainy Day Blues

Don’t let the rain ruin your weekend fun! Here are 5 easy activities with the kids to keep them from going stir crazy on a rainy day.


Have an indoor Treasure Hunt. Make rhyming clues and hide them in different rooms around the house. Each clue leads to the next, and eventually they find some kind of hidden treasure/treat!


Build a fort. Even the big kids will love this! Pillows, blankets, sheets, even hang Christmas lights if you’d like to get fancy! Then spend the afternoon reading, colouring and snacking in your new fortress.


Bake/Cook something delicious. An old family favourite, or try something new! Getting the kids in the kitchen will get them excited about eating and trying new things.


Board game marathon. Put away the electronics, and pull out some good old fashioned board games for the afternoon.


Go for a walk in the rain! Forget staying inside. Go outdoors and get messy! Splash in the puddles, look for frogs, and see what the world looks likes in the rain.



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