Shania Twain will receive the Artist of a Lifetime award.

She is the first woman to receive this award.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you’ll admit to liking country music, at some point you’ve definitely caught yourself humming a Shania Twain song. I’m going to guess that it was “Man I feel like a woman”.

Mrs. Twain will be honoured with the CMT Artist of a Lifetime Award for 2016. While no one is doubting that Shania is deserving of this award I do think it is bizarre that she is the first and only woman to have won it.


With so many women in country music having very important and lengthy careers it seems strange that no other women have taken this award home. Why, in 2016, are women still having so many ‘firsts’?

Congratulations Shania Twain. You’ve earned it.