Things You’ve (Probably) Been Doing Wrong Your Entire Life

You're Welcome!

You’re older now, and you think  you’ve got it all figured out. But what if we told you there were simple things that could make life so much easier, and you’ve been doing them wrong this whole time? Life isn’t easy, but these hacks can make your day-today a little bit less stressful:

Freezing Ice Cream

Buy ice cream. Put in freezer. Right? WRONG. If you want to prevent your ice cream from going rock hard and losing consistency, put it in a ziplock bag first.

Peeling oranges

We had to try this, and it works! Once you see it you’ll never go back.

Using ketchup cups

This changes EVERYTHING!

Preparing watermelon

Making one of the most delicious summer snacks a little less messy.


Wrapping presents

All you need is two pieces of tape and presto!


Popping bottles




Taking off your shirt

Tops off in T-2.

Peeling a banana

Monkeys know best.