Videos to Make You Smile

Like Pluto the Dog telling you where to find snacks!

We are in a pandemic where we are being asked to keep our distance from each other and many of our regular activities have been cancelled. It can be hard emotionally and mentally. So, have been sharing videos to make us smile which seem all the more light-filled given our circumstances.
Here are some of the wonderful videos I’ve seen.
Share some of your favourites!


This one made me LOL. A dog gives advice to us ‘two-footeds’

Here’s a girl dancing with her dog. I can hardly believe it’s a dog because it moves like a human in a dog costume!

Here’s three-year-old Madison took to her porch to dance in her jingle dress.


This sock puppet eating cars:

Italians singing from their windows while on lockdown


And, this cute little kitten up for adotpion at the Barrie SPCA. Awww