WATCH: Zack and Kelly are back on New Saved By the Bell preview

Friends Forever!

The Saved by the Bell reboot hits Peacock on November 25th. In the reboot, a group of California low-income high school students are transferred to wealthy Bayside High.

Two more of the original cast are back! Mark-Paul Gosselaar is back as Zack Morris, Governor of California. Tiffany Thiessen is back as Kelly Kapowski.

Mario Lopez reprises as A.C. Slater who is now a gym teacher and Elizabeth Berkley is Dr. Jessie Spano, principal of Bayside High.

Take a look.

The show will be available through Corus in Canada. Corus owns a streaming platform called StackTV as well as traditional television channels. It’s unclear on what platform they will air the show.


Image: Peacock/ Youtube